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tv   Police Commission 31517  SFGTV  March 29, 2017 5:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> call to order. can you please turn off your electronic devices, and can you please rise for the pledge of allegiance? i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands, one
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nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> vice president mazzucc [kwro-erbgs/] mazzucco i would like to call role. vice president mazzucco? >> present. >> commissioner marshall. >> present. >> commissioner dejesus? >> present. >> commissioner melara? >> present. >> commissioner hing? >> here. >> commissioner mazzucco you have a quorum and also with us tonight is the chief of police, william scott. >> thank you very much, sergeant kilshaw and ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the first community meeting for 2017. we as the san francisco police commission this is actually our favorite part of the job, to go out into the community once a month to each district station.
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we have ten district stations in the san francisco police department and the goal, the last meeting of the month to go to each district station and hear from you, the community about things that are very specific to your district and this being the southern police station and this meeting is the first of the year and actually our first community meeting through a district station with our new chief, william scott, sitting to the left of me and it's also the first district station and community meeting for your captain, daryl fong, this is his very first one. so go easy on him tonight. what we usually do in meetings is a little more different, a little more streamlined, but we take the opportunity for each commissioner to tell you what we do in our day jobs. and then i'm going to deviate from the script a little bit, because we have the honor of having your supervisor here tonight, jane kim. and we'll have supervisor kim say a few words, if you would like
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to? but we'll start briefly starting to the right of me with commissioner sonia melara. >> any name is sonia melara and run the family program at st. francis memorial hospital up the hill and also on the faculty of san francisco university school of social work and i live in the west portal district. >> doctor joseph marshall and run the program, nonprofit boys club and i have been on the commission since 2004. >> commissioner dejesus. >> my name is petra dejesus and i'm an attorney by day. i have been on the commission for ten years and live in outer mission. i'm happy to be here and happy to hear from all of you tonight. thanks. >> good evening. my name is bill hing, a law
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professor at the university of san francisco and founder of legal immigrant resource center and i reside in the inner sunset. >> i'm tom mazzucco vice president for the commission. i'm a native san franciscan and i have been on the commission for about almost 8 years. and my day job, i'm also a practicing attorney. prior to that for ten years i was an assistant district attorney here in san francisco and finished my career in the gang violence unit and followed by nine years as assistant united states attorney here in san francisco. i did everything from organized crime cases to white-collared cases and now in private practice here in san francisco. to me, this is the best part of being on the commission, because we get to go right out to the community and hear from you what your local concerns are. so starting with the
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person most responsible for this district, supervisor jane kim. [ applause ] >> well, thank you, commissioners and i appreciate that you are kicking off your year at the southern station here in the south of market and welcome to our new chief, who has not only joined us from los angeles to san francisco, but he is a mission bay resident. and so i don't -- [ applause ] that alone got you applause. so we're really glad to have a chief in our district as a resident, and also, welcome to our city. and i know that many of our constituent leaders are here today. i didn't realize this was actually captain fong's first hosting of the police commission, but i know he knows our community really well already. i just want to acknowledge and thank you, for jumping into the job. he is doing a great job in
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our district. and i know has been incredible responsive and followed in the phot steps of captain redman who with still dearly love in the mission and gad he is making sure that southern is getting the resources that they need and know our constituents probably still call you all the time as well. we do have a very active district, and i have always appreciated that, the commission has spent so much time listening to our need as round public safety. because we're also the downtown area and we are the home to so many workers, and also a center for so much of the tourism here in san francisco. we also bear a brunt of the a lot of public safety issues of city as well. the police commission and the command staff has always been great at partnering with our constituents and listening to our needs and
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how we can make our communities a safer place. i have to give it up to our constituents because making the city a safer place isn't just the job and responsibility of the police department, but on all of us to work together. so whether it's working with the yerba berna cbd and rincon and mission bay neighborhood association. it's really been a great community partnership and i hope we can continue that. thank you so much and welcome to our district. >> thank you, supervisor. also before we start, i really want to give a big thank you to the contemporary jewish museum. this is an incredible venue and centrally located within the district and they don't get paid for this and thank you for those making this happen. without further ado, please call the first line item. >> 1a chief's report, report on recent police department activities
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including major event, weekly crime trends and announcements. >> good evening chief. >> good evening. thank you, vice president mazzucco, police commissioners, supervisor kim. i want to start out this week's report, since this is a community meeting by introducing the command staff members that are here today as well. many of you know them already. starting with assistant chief hector saenz. [ applause ] chief saenz is our chief of staff. he basically has his hands in everything that happens in the department. deputy chief michael redman. [ applause ] and as stated mike was the former captain of the southern and mike is the deputy chief of operations. so he has oversight over the ten district stations and that is a huge responsibility. huge responsibility. but definitely he is the man up to that task. commander dan perriera. [ applause ]
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dan is a former captain of the mission district, and recently promoted. and now is a commander over the metro division. you'll hear from captain daryl fong in a second, but i will introduce him now. captain daryl fong [ applause ] . >> it's nice having daryl here because he is my captain as well. so i appreciate the work that he does. no pressure. we'll start with the recent activities the week in review the st. patrick's day parade march 11th and huge turnout and the san francisco police department, as well ass a a number of other city departments were there and participated in the parade. there was no major incidents of note. st. patrick's day is this week, march 17th and we expect many celebrations, but a safe st. patrick's day weekend.
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we had a couple of robberies in the southern district march 3rd where two suspect wearing ski masks and hoodies robbed a victim at gunpoint at 5th and mission. officers responded and conducted an immediate and exhaustive investigation that resulted in both suspects being arrested. they were taken into custody and later booked into the juvenile justice center and we don't think there with any other folks involved in that. events: upcoming events for the week, we have a traffic safety enforcement plan planned for this week. san francisco is committed to eliminating traffic deaths by 2024 as part of the vision zero program. our city's commitment to prioritize safe events in the streets for everyone.
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sfpd conducted a traffic safety zone operation march 13th and will conduct additional operations march 16th, 27th and 31st with specify attention directed to the focus on five violations, which are speeding, illegal turns, failure to stop for stop signs and signals and failure to yield to pedestrians and the spirit behind this vision zero, we want to totally eliminate traffic fatalities, but those five violations account for a majority of our traffic collisions, and we believe by focusing on those five, that we can significantly impact and reduce traffic fatalities. so vision zero is an ongoing effort and we'll run these traffic enforcements operations periodically and consistently in an effort to reduce our traffic fatalities. in terms of crime statistics, homicidess are up from this time of
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last year, most recent was last friday on green street where a young man was killed. we have made tremendous progress in that case and we think we'll be actually bringing to resolution. 2016 we had 7. so we're 4 above this time last year. non-fatal shootings is actually down from last year by 3 shootings. we had 35 this time last year. we have 32 this year. gun violence non-fatal shootings and homicides, we had 39 last year and so small change. firearm seizes, 266 firearms were seized year-to-date to this year, which is a significant number. our officers, when we put officers out on patrol, particularly in the areas hard hit by violence, we ask our officers to focus on the
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individuals committing violence. and many of those folks involved in gang activitis and narcotics activities and they have done a phenomenal job. to give you context, last year 2016 we seized 1216 firearms. in 2015 we seized 1085 firearms. so our philosophy is if we can get the firearms off the streets that is one less person able to use a firearm to commit a violent crime and that effort is ongoing. but we're off to a good start there. again, i discussed the homicide on green street already and we have made significant progress on that. we also had a shooting in terville last week where a group of
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men were involved in narcoticks at 47th and vicentee and a shooting at that location. we actually made an arrest and that location we believe is an isolated incident. so we made an arrest in the location and we were and to contact all of the parties involved in that. and that concludes the crimes portion of this report. at this time, i would like to turn this over to captain daryl fong for his presentation. >> dr. marshall. >> chief, i just want to say driving home last -- i can't remember the day, but a long hostage situation in the mission and i want to say congratulations for handling that without incident and that is what we set in plan. every time i hear something like that i have to say thank you and congratulations thank you, commissioner marshall and i have to thank our folks, deputy chief redman and commander
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maddox at the scene, but again the whole deescalation, it takes time, and time and distance, you know? we believe we'll save lives and that was time and distance, and deescalation and practice. thank you for that observation and the recognition for the work. >> captain fong.
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>> good evening, vice president mazzucco, commissioners, chief scott, command staff members, supervisor kim, members of the southern district community: my name is daryl fong and i'm the captain of the southern police station and i'm honored tonight to present you on behalf of the southern district and i would like to thank the commissioners for choosing southern district for hosting this evening's event. this evening i will be providing an overview of the district, including events in the district, staffing currently at the station, as well as crime within the district, and our district priorities moving forward. but before i begin my presentation, i first would like to thank also the contemporary jewish museum, specifically rachel smith, the events coordinator, as well as mark furtado the security director here.
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thank you again. [ applause ] i would also like to take the opportunity to acknowledge some great supporters and community partners that we have here in attendance today. members of my community police advisory board please stand up and be acknowledged. [ applause ] . >> yerba buena, rincon hill and market please stand up and be acknowledge as well, please. [ applause ] we also have representatives from the securities directors association, here in attendance, as well as the mayor's fixit director sandra zeneca and from our community-based organization united playaz and also supervisor jane kim from district 6.
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thank you all for your support and attendance here today. [ applause ] i would now like to begin with a little background on the southern police district: the southern district is one of ten police districts in san francisco. it encompasses 3.3 square miles including treasure island and yerba buena island and the district boundaries extend north to mission street, south to mariposa, east to the water's edge, at the embarcadero, and west to vermont and division street. we also in the district we have seven car sectors within the district, five in the city, and the other two sectors, which cover treasure island and yerba buena island. there are a number of diverse and vibrant neighborhoods within the district. we have areas beginning at the northeast end of the
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district, the embarcadero, south beach, south park neighborhoods, proceeding west into the yerba buena south of market area, further west into the hub area and in the southeast corner of the district we have the rincon hill china basin and further west showplace square area and south into the mission bay area. within these neighborhoods are several notable locations. in the south of market area we have the moscone center, yerba buena garden, san francisco museum of modern art, the contemporary jewish museum, and further west we have our primary middle school in the district, betsy car michael school and also the design center, as well as several notable tech companies like zinga, google, adobe,
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airbnb and we have the at&t park, the home of the san francisco giants. we also have within the mission bay neighborhood, the usc sf benihoff's children's hospital and current construction of the chase arena, which will be the future home of the golden state warriors. in the southern district our district demographics show a population of about 42,000 residents in the city. however, anyone who has driven through the city or walked through the city in the course of the day, realizes that that actually swells to over five times up to almost 200,000 people in the area. this area of residents, the ethnic break down consists of 46%
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white, followed by 35% of asians, hispanic 14%, and african americans at 7%. within the southern district, we are very fortunate to have three very distinguished supervisors in our district. representing district 6, supervisor jane kim, which over sees most of the southern district, most soma, as well as treasure island and yerba buena and supervisor sheehy the mission district and supervisor malia cohen oversees the southwest end as of the district covering the showplace area. we're very fortunate to have
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three incredible district supervisors in the southern district. we often collaborate with them on district concerns, and work towards resolutions to community issues. within the southern district, there are a number of year-round events that are held throughout the year. which require police oversight, as well as event management. the first is in january is the martin luther king freedom march, which brings over 5,000 people in attendance. it is a freedom march beginning at caltrain station at 4th and king and provides on the route into yerba buena gardens for a day of celebration for that day. we also have in may the how weird festival, which is an art expression faire and we see often over
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50,000 individuals who attend this particular event. that is in the lower south of market area in the area of 1st and new montgomery and mission. also in may, we also host the beginning of the bay to breakers event, a large race, over 75,000 in attendance for that, for participants which begin over in the area of main and howard street. that race proceeds west on howard street, north on to 9th street and proceeds into adjacent districts, eventually ending in golden gate park. in july, we have the 4th of july festivities, where we see thousands of celebrants come flock our waterfronts to view the festivitis and fireworks not only on the waterfront but on treasure island as well. also in july, we have the up
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your alley event, an adult-themed event. we often see over 50,000 individuals in attendance for this one-day event primarily in the south of market area. and we also have the pistahan parade and celebration, which is a filipino cultural event beginning in civic center plaza in the northern district that begins with a parade and proceeds into the yerba buena garden area, where there is a two-day festival and celebration that takes place in the district as well. in september, we play host to the folsom street fair, another adult-themed event, which attracts over a quarter of a million people. it is a one-day event, also held within the south of market area as well. we also play host to the oracle
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convention at the moscone center, which brings the annual conference for oracle employees. we often see up to 30,000 of these visitors, who come to this convention on an annual basis. and in october, we also have fleet week in which we see thousands of visitors come to celebrate fleet week. we play host to a number of military personnel, u.s. sailor, as well as marines,, as well as visitors to our area, and that is a week in the district along the waterfront, managed by also our partners at central station. and then we have the dream force event, which is a sales force annual conference that is also held at the moscone center. where we see, again, over 50,000 in attendance, over a one-week period for the event. as noted earlier, there are a number of renowned locations within the
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district that host year-round events. the yerba buena gardens host the martin luther king celebrations, the pistahan festival, but also various activations, festival and smaller corporate events year-round. at the moscone center, this is a host of a number of our conventions, annual conventions throughout the year. most notably was the sales force, as well as the oracle convention. but it has year-round smaller conventions as well. and then also in the china basin neighborhood, at&t park, which is the host of the san francisco giants during the baseball season, which runs from april and hopefully into october. and it's also a venue which plays host to a number of concerts, music festivals and other corporate events and actvations surrounding the neighborhood as well.
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lastly we have there a rendering of the future chase arena that is undergoing construction currently in the mission bay neighborhood and it will be the home of the golden gate warriors at 16th and 3rd street. and now i would like to discuss a little bit about staffing currently at southern station: the good news is this, staffing is up at the station. when i first was assigned the southern station in march of 2016, we had 118 officer as signed to the southern station and we currently have 133. this is in large part due to the leadership of the mayor's office, the board of supervisors, the police commission, the chief, in terms of 6-year hiring plan of hiring 150 officers from 2012 through 2018. we're in the midst of that hiring plan and we're seeing the fruits of that hiring take place now,
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but it also has made us a much younger department as well. of the 133 sworn officers at southern station, there are 107 officers currently serve patrol capacity. we have 20 that are sergeants and five lieutenants one captain in the district. we have been able to reestablish some things that the community has been asking for over the course of the last year. i'm happy to report that we were able to establish a new street crimes unit, which is a plainclothes enforcement unit of one sergeant and six officers to address violent and property crime within the district from narcotic -- illegal narcotic activity, burglaries, robberies in the district, as well as burglaris in the district. these were all concerns that
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were brought to my attention when i first came to southern from the community and this, i'm happy to report, we now have this unit that has made a tremendous impact, which i will allude to when i go over some of our crime statistics. we have already been able to reestablish a foot beat program here in the southern district. there was one other thing that rivaled concerns was having foot beat officers to serve as liaisons in our district and we started with four officers specifically in the south of market on the 6th street corridor and we have just last week been able to expand that program to we now have currently 8 officers walking a foot beat to provide visibility, and enforcement, and engagement
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with the merchants and the residents within those corridors. [ applause ] thank you. we have also recently assigned a new school resource officer as well. we have assigned that officer to be the primary liaison to our primary middle school -- i'm sorry, elementary and middle school in the district, betsy carmichael school and this officer served as a mentor and resource to youth and students within that school, and also has been a great liaison to also the community-based organize like united playaz within our district in terms building positive relationships with our youth in the community. we continue to have four officers assigned to homeless unit and addressing quality of life
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issues in the district and surrounding encampments that are working with other city agencies in an attempt to address. we also have a team, an investigation team of one lieutenant and five sergeants, which is tasked with following up, coordinating, partnering with our neighborhood district attorney and following up on victim crimes to ensure that we are responding in a timely manner. we also are in the process of training 15 new recruits at the station as well. due to the diversity within the district we're very fortunate to have the ability to offer training to these officers with more seasoned officers in the district. of the 133 officers that i mentioned currently assigned to southern station, currently 118 are male officers, 15 are female officers and we have a very diverse workforce of
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66 caucasian officer and 18 hispanic officers and 14 filipino officers and 10 african american officers. as mentioned earlier regarding our district demographics i'm very proud to say that our diverse workforce is representative of the community that we serve. we also have had, because of the new influx of officers, over the course of the last several years, we have 52 officers with less than five years' of service. so we do have a very young workforce. 30 officers with -- between 5-10 years' of experience, and 25 officers with more than 10 years' of experience. all accounted for we have 60% of our current officers have less than ten years' of experience. currently at southern station. our officers assigned to the southern station possess a number of
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specialized training: currently we have 23 field training officers assigned to southern station, which are spread throughout our watches. during the day, swing watch and midnight watch and also have ten field training officer sergeants. this is critical because of the young workforce to have supervisor ial oversight of these officers. i'm very proud to say as well we have 61 current officers that are trained in crisis intervention training. this is extremely important, as these officers are available to respond to calls for service to individuals in crisis, and utilize their specialized training to deescalate situations and diffuse situations before they escalate into potential use of force encounters. of the station has seven
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officers trained in hostage negotiations skills and also 23 bilingual officers assigned to this station. of these, 8 secondary languages, the primary language that is spoken is spanish. so we have 11 officers that are certified in spanish. we have five officers certified in cantonese, two in mandarin, one in german, one in portuguese, one in hindi and one in surin ame and one in tagalog and that we're providing language access services to those -- to everyone within the community. over the course of the last year, officers used the language assistance
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service to assist people, with limited english proficiency over 500 times over the course of the year. of these contacts, there were over 280 documented incidents. we're working tirelessly to ensure that we're track the information to ensure that we are providing language access and services to all members of the community. and now i would like to just discuss a little bit about crime within the district. southern station continues to be a very vibrant and very busy district. southern station officers responded to over 145,000 calls for service in the last year. that averages out to almost 400 calls for service on a daily basis. we are the fourth highest station responding to calls for
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service of the ten district stations. of those calls for service, emergency calls for service are what we call a priority calls accounted for almost 43% of our calls for service. and the second highest request for service was for quality of life-related type of complaints, which remains to be a challenge for us in the district. within the district crime categories, southern station saw a marked reduction in overall crime, following a citywide trend. specifically in the categories of robberies and auto burglaries we saw 40% and 27% reduction, respectively. this was achieved by taking really a collaborative approach in partnership with the community. utilizing statistical analysis for deployment of resources for our officers, identifying locations of
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occurrence, timely response, sharing data analysis with our officers, and also, timely follow-up by our investigative teams along with focused enforcement with our plainclothes officers helping in these reductions. also partnering and educating our communities on safety awareness, and also, identifying potential environmental factors, which may be impacting crime within the district has been a tremendous assist in reduction of our crime stats. in addition, we have had the benefit of some of our department specialized units of assisting us in targeting serial auto burglaries and helping to reduce the auto burglaries within the district and they have been a tremendous asset for us. as far as homicides, we did see a
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slight increase in homicides, with five homicides occurring last year up from four. what we determined, although it's very concerning, when a homicide occurs, we determine four out of five homicides involved either narcotics or gang type of activity. they were independent of itself and due to the assistance of the community, and the work of our homicide unit, in all five cases, there were five arrests made in those incidents. also, in regards to sexual assaults in the district we saw an increase in that area and continue to work with our special victims unit and district attorney's office and our da office's and hotel security directors in terms of educating the community. what we found out in a number of these incidents, the victim or the suspect was known to the victim or an associate of the suspect was known to
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the victim. and now i would like to just go over some areas and priorities of focus as we move into 2017. the four areas that we'll continue to focus on are reduction in violent and property crimes, the quality of life issues within the district, traffic safety within the district, and community engagement. in regards to continuing reduction of violent and property crimes continuing to work in partnership with the community with education and crime prevention strategis to address street-level crime with auto burglaries, robberies and other crime that impacts the community. in regards to the quality of life issues within the district, our homeless outreach team will continue to work with the various city agencies in partnership with
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them to address the issues surrounding quality of life issue and work with the department of homelessness and also in partnership with the department of public works, our department of public health and all the other community stakeholders who are concerned about this issue. traffic safety. traffic safety continues to be a huge priority in the southern district. we are using currently statistical analyses to determine high-incident collision corridors, which you see up there in red. as you can see in the south of market, we have a number of collision corridors that are concerning. we are utilizing our enforcement efforts in commitment to the vision zero program of reducing traffic fatalities to zero by the year 2024. to achieve this end,
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southern station will continue to work with sfmta, walk sf, the bike coalition, to try to enhance safety within the district. southern station will also utilize our focus on the five strategy of enforcing the top-five traffic violations identified as causing the highest number of collisions within the district. these are speeding, red light, failing to yield to pedestrians and unsafe terms, as well as stop signs within the district. in 2016, our statistics reflected our emphasis and our priority of trying to enhance traffic safety within the district. we saw a marked improvement within those top-five violation categories. ranging from 50% to over
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1300% from red lights to improper turns within the district. although we were, in fact, one of the citations written within the district and we'll continue to focus on these particular violations again to curb behavior and change behavior of all of the individuals who use the roadway, bicyclists, pedestrians and motorists within the district and it remains a priority and we'll continue to emphasize traffic safety. lastly, but most importantly, you i would like to talk about community policing in the district. at the core is community engagement and i feel very fortunate to have the stakeholders and partners that i do
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with my community police advisory board and the community groups and all the other stakeholders all committed to building stronger relationships and partnerships and to enhance public safety within the district. these stakeholders as i mentioned have been a huge, tremendous support for me in terms of our coordinated efforts to not only educate the community, but educate us to ensure we're aware of what is important to the community. over the last year, we have worked with the community on promoting more positive and engaging relationships between law enforcement and the community. over the course of the year, southern station officers participated in the san francisco challengers league, which is a san francisco
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giants sponsored baseball league with youth who are developmently disabled and physically challenged and it runs from march to june throughout the year. where kids interact with officers to build positive relationships and interact. in fact, this past saturday was the beginning of the league. our own chief scott was the honorary member and threw out the first pitch for the league at china basin park. thank you, chief. >> how was the pitch? >> i don't outstanding, hit it on the mark, sir. [laughter ]officers also participated in the betsy carmichael event to build more positive relationships with our schools in the district. the officers participated in
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a bbq, festival, games, a lot of food and sugar for the kids. it was a wonderful time. just again an opportunity for the officers to build positive relationships, not only with the children, but break down some of those barriers between the parents and the police as well within the community. we also in partnership with the united playaz youth prevention-based career development organization, we facilitated a summer program called "our sand lot program." the reading program was developed between cops and kids and cooking classes held throe the summer and art programs were held, kick ball classes. there was a trip to great america in which the officers escorted the children to great america. i'm not sure who had more fun? the officers or the kids? and there was also a holiday
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ice skating event sponsored by boston property, where kids from the united playaz organization were brought for a day of fun ice skating at justin herman plaza. moving forward we're in the process of partnering with united playaz to comprise a youth captain's police advisory board. i think it's critical as we move forward not only do we get input from representatives from our neighborhoods within the community, but also that we hear the concerns of the youth in our district as well. and in an effort to build that relationship and collaboration, we're in the process of identifying those that are committed to enhancing relationships between police and youth within our communities. in an effort to promote safety, also, and identify concerns within the community, southern station also partnered with the united playaz or
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two gun buyback events this year. during those two events, there were over 200 firearms seized, including assault rifles, shotguns and other firearms taken off the streetss and it was all a collaborative effort between the united playaz, the police department and other community stakeholders to try to reduce youth violence within our communities. we also under the direction and also the leadership of our mayor's fit-it director zenga, to identify district concerns and identify issues of concern to the community. it was a very enlightening walk and there is a lot of interaction between the community, as well as the mayor's office, along with the
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director, and the police. it was a great opportunity for us to become aware of the concerns of the community within that neighborhood. also during the holiday season, my captain's police advisory board comprised a holiday safety flier that focused on some of the three areas that i highlighted early: traffic safety, robbery prevention, as well as auto burglary prevention. during this holiday season, these fliers were made and distributed to a number of visitors, shoppers within the shopping corridors of soma in an effort, again, to educate the community to reduce some of the issues of crime within the neighborhood. moving forward, southern station will continue to engage our
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community in an effort to build stronger relationships through social outreach, our community newsletter, direct neighborhood meetings. in an effort to do that, we are also implementing a coffee with the captain on a monthly basis, which is an opportunity for the community to come forward and have a one-on-one with the captain to express their specific concerns or issues within the district. this is a spinoff off our coffee with a cop, in which the community has an opportunity to meet some of our officers and get to know them better. in closing, southern station will continue to engage the community in an attempt to build stronger partnerships. to ensure we're all working together to meet the expectations of the communities that we serve. i believe we have a tremendous opportunity in front of us to build on our current relationships, and
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also, to establish legitimacy in the eyes of all of the community that we serve. and for that, i look forward to the partnerships and for the opportunity. thank you. [ applause ] i'll be happy to take any questions, if anyone has any. thank you. >> thank you very much, captain fong. that was very thorough presentation and i think you all know a lot about southern station now, their operations and it makes southern station very unique. it's that it used to be headquarters as most of you know at the police headquarters building at hall of justice and very different demographic in terms of a district. since the last ten years, it
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has a ballpark, a neighborhood and has facilitis that have never been there before. there is literally one of the rare districts where the population goes up five times during the course of the business day and so it's very diverse with a lot of new neighborhoods. when i first became a prosecutor, there was no southern station covering yerba buena island and treasure island, which i know is no easy task and i thank you, you and your officers for that. i thank you for your presentations. commissioners what we usually do we generally ask the captain questions, but given it's a community meeting i would rather turn it over to the community with your permission to tell us about their concerns and any questions that they have for captain fong or chief scott? without further ado we're going to have public comment now, and given the size of the crowd, public comment is limited to 2 minutes. >> item 3, public comment, the public is now welcome it address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda, but
6:22 pm
that are within the subject-matter jurisdiction of the commission. speakers shall address their remarks to the commission as a whole and not to individual commissioners or department or dpa person until. under police commission rules of order, during public comment, neither police or dpa person until, nor commissioners are required to respond to questions presented by the public, but may provide a brief response. individual commissioners and police and dpa personnel should refrain however from entering into any debates or discussion with speakers during public comment. please limit your comments two minutes. >> good evening and welcome. >> good evening, i'm a resident in north beach place and i had incidents happen monday and i had a woman called my house and i called the police to go downstairs to my neighbor's house, who lives at 567 bay street, apartment 1025. and after the officers left, the
6:23 pm
young alady came up to my door and started to bang on it very violently. so the cameras on the building caught her coming up the stairs twice and doing a little dance and stuff on the stairs. and a second set of officers is over may at matia and the way this officer questions me and i told him i have nothing to hide. i'm not involved in the crime that goes on and i have been victimized the last three year issues have been there and been to community meetings. i also told them my neighbor is bipolar and if has full blown aids and i had eye disorders and the management wouldn't do anything about it.
6:24 pm
there is always crime from this man's house and demographic i made from that drug haven downstairs. this man does not need this house and cannot take care of hims and he is incontinent and from window-splashing and people getting robbed and the murder of the pokemon person getting killed. like i said, it's right there, all in this drug haven. so this is one house that i wish you all would take out. then there will be five others i will report-back to you on. thank you. >> thank you very much.
6:25 pm
sergeant yamaguchi to the left there, ma'am? ma'am? bring it over to sergeant yamaguchi and i know you have been to a couple of meetings and met with us before, but please talk to sergeantam about the pokemon thing. [speaker not understood] i have been to community meetings with captain fong to discuss several issues, but i just wanted to give you a rundown of the western soma experience living at 75 doerr. within the last six months i have made approximately 30 calls to the non-emergency number to
6:26 pm
report honduran drug gang crack sales on howard street between doerr and 9th street and the 9th street corridor is a hotbed of honduran crack-dealing. i have also had a burglary of my bicycle out of a locked garage with cameras, with two kryptonite locks. i have had an assault by a woman -- an asian woman who threw construction material at me. i have been held hostage on the 14 bus by an intoxicated african american man who threatened to harm me and my dog. i have had hot coffee thrown at me by one of the honduran crack dealer buddiess and been verbally assaulted by crack addict because when i see honduran crack dealers, i stop and call the non-emergency number, wait until i get an operator and
6:27 pm
give a complete description of the people that are selling the drugs. i had made probably half a dozen calls about a homeless encampment and doerr and folsom and got no response from the police or 311, until i ended up going and spending two hours at the [ inaudible ] >> if you would like, sergeant mcdonald is here if you could talk to him about the issues with reference to the honduran crack dealers in your neighborhood. thank you. next speaker. >> good evening. good evening. peter alexander. cops are the chosen people. that is what officer hobbs
6:28 pm
said, aka denzel washington in the spiritual police fallen the righteous are bold as a lion, proverbs 21. i have seen that on than one epitaph of a fallen officer. law enforcement is becoming more difficult and intricate and it's always hard to hear of an officer down and even sew nationwide more than 300 officers were taken out by their own for whistle blowing. fallen and proverbs touched upon spiritual reality and deceptions still in place after hundreds of thousands of years, still exist to undermine our freedoms. and surely as your next breath is connected to our next heartbeat, so is the slaughterhouse murder industry of 14 million sentens connected to the violence on the streets
6:29 pm
to the wars. it's the core of our physical and spiritual disease. there is an agenda to federalize law enforcement in oakland and san francisco. i strongly oppose anything along those lines. it is to further annihilate the u.s. constitution in favor of martial law and the lion laying down with the lamb language, is something had a we all can do. it's all within our power. we're in california, the most beautiful place for vegetables and fruits to simply cease participating in the murder of supposedly lesser beings, although that is quite questionable. whatever you do to the least of me was always a reference the to the animals, you see? >> thank you, next speaker. next speaker.
6:30 pm
next speaker, please. thank you. next speaker. two minutes each. next speaker. next speaker, please. thank you. good evening. >> good evening. thank you to the commission and to the officers present for hosting this meeting. my name is brad feldman and i lived in the dogpatch area the last years and it's gotten significantly safer and cleaner and quieter over the last years. thank you for all your hard work and i appreciate what you have done. i'm here primarily tonight to understand better how my city interacts with its immigrant communities? i have been reading up some on your current policies. but me and some of my friends have been concerned about recent changes at the federal-level, and i was interested in hearing your thoughts, and how the commission and the police in the city relates to
6:31 pm
immigrations and customs enforcement? and if you foresee that changing in the near-future. thank you. >> unfortunately we can't have a dialogue back and forth with you, but suffice it to say you are looking at a police department and commission that believes san francisco is a sanctuary city. >> thank you. >> next speaker. >> good evening, my name is cathy moppet, executive director of yerba buena and thank you for coming to southern. we appreciate that very much. there is a lot going on and i'm glad you are able to come and listen to our captain and learn more about what is happening. i want to speak from the cpac and we
6:32 pm
appreciate the partnership. we also appreciate the partnership because we bring so many tourists to this neighborhood, and tourism is such a big industry in san francisco. that we want to ensure -- do what we can to ensure that they have a good experience and they'll come back and continue to support our institutions. so i specifically want to acknowledge captain fong for his support of our efforts. i want to acknowledge sergeant mcdonald and he was somewhere around here a minute ago. department chief redman and supervisor kim for all of their support. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> thank you very much. may my comments please the commission, the first car i had as a young man, had all 32 horsepower. i grew up in new york and i
6:33 pm
can assure you i was always in the fast lane on the freeways. but i wanted to tell from you that perspective, i have a little or no sympathy with the individuals that i see speeding on our streets. but i don't rejoice in the fact that people have to pay fines and increase insurance rates by getting tickets. but at some point i wonder how our quality of life is affected by the way people operate these behemoth and most people drive in varying states of fear and they are afraid of being hit from behind. i see it time and time again the way people drive and i think
6:34 pm
more tailgating tickets should be given, even though they are probably harder to prove in traffic court. thank you. >> thank you very much. next speaker. >> good evening. chief scott, and commissioners, my name is katy ladell and i have lived over in the rincon hill area since 1995. so before the ballpark, since before anything. it was dead over there when i first moved in. i'm an original cpab member starting with captain mcdena and i just want to say mike redman and daryl fong are the two best captains we have ever had. [ applause ]
6:35 pm
our neighborhood is the most dynamic in the city and keep growing and growing and i have to find out what has been built a block from me and more and more people are moving in. more and more employees, more and more traffic. so this is a huge challenge for these people. so we particularly appreciate what they have to deal with, and the fact that they have such great personal skills. redman and fong, wonderful personal skill and they actually listen to us and they help us out. so i just want to give them a huge kudos. they have a big job. thank you. >> thank you very much. hi, how are you? >> hello, good. thanks for doing these. my name is judy, and i work on mission and 6th, and live in the mission district. followingum up on what you said earlier about sanctuary cities and i wanted to take the opportunity to make you aware of the aclu's
6:36 pm
freedom city project and i don't know if you are aware of it. so i will follow-up with you and say there are nine what they call models, local state and law enforcement policies that if enacted will significantly curb or counter the current administration's anti-immigrant agenda. and what the aclu is calling possible local activists across the nation to do is get in touch with their local law enforcement and ask if they'll say yes to these nine policies? and then we'll report-back to the aclu. so we're hoping to make a real difference on the ground and help the aclu find ways to legally have you been in non-compliance with i.c.e. -- i just wanted to make you aware that is probably coming, and we'll probably be calling about that.
6:37 pm
thank you. >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> good evening, ms. brown. >> hello. excuse me. i wanted to comment on the earlier comment about the murders being up here in san francisco. and and them being up, i wanted to bring up -- they said that most of them were the suspects were arrested. i say, yes they were arrested, but were they convicted of the crimes or were they let go? of course they were arrested and i'm saying even when my son was murdered the perpetrators were arrested, but let go. so even though you are catching the perpetrators were they let go? the other thing i hear and it's mostly on people of color,
6:38 pm
that they are either drug-dealers or gangs. not all of our children are drug-dealers and not all of our children are in gangs. so you know, those words really hurt me, because my son was an african american boy, and those -- that stigma affect ours kids a lot and i refuse to let it haunt mine. i think something else should be done about that and also the unsolved homes. there are so many unsolved homes in and it's ridiculous and these familis are still hurting, are still suffering, are still crying. this is just the general -- not the general public comment, but in that, i'm still going to bring up about my son. i am in another district, yes i am. but it doesn't matter what
6:39 pm
district you are in. it doesn't matter. it doesn't matter where your children are. these are our children and they don't deserve to be killed or murdered. by anyone. >> thank you ms. brown. [ applause ] >> if anyone has information regarding the murder of ms. brown's son there is is an anonymous tipline area code 415-575-4444 and for members of the audience here, ms. brown comes to every one of our meetings to talk about her son's murder. there was an arrest in the case, but there was not a prosecution u because the system needs witnesss and corroboration and if anyone has anything to offer about this murder, a great young man who was ready to graduate from high school and his mom walked across the stage to get his degree.
6:40 pm
if you know anything about it, it's so important. because murders don't just get solved by the police, but need the input and communication from the community. i was a [tr-urts/] at time her son was killed and know facts with the case and it would be a great case for us to solve for ms. brown and the entire community. thank you, ms. brown for coming every week and speaking. we appreciate it. next speaker. >> good evening, police chief and members of the community, my name is thomas and i'm not speaking on behalf of, but i am a member of the board of directors for the yerba buena gardens festival that happens across the street. san francisco, i believe, is a cultural mecca and i greatly appreciate what law enforcement community does to keep the members who come to see the events there free and safe. i run a festival. we present a festival there
6:41 pm
each year. there are over 100 free events there for youth, as well as adults. it's a fantastic festival that showcases the best in terms of arts of what the city has to offer, as well as bringing national and international artists here. thank you very much for helping using keep it safe and a fun place to be. thank you. >> thank you. next speaker. [ applause ] anybody else? any of cpab group or community organizers? okay hearing none, public comment is now closed and it's an opportunity for the commissioners to comment or have questions for captain fong. >> i know these are community meetings and they are focused on a particular district, but i just urge
6:42 pm
you to keep an ear and eye on the department as a whole. i just wanted to say, we have made, what i would say is significant strides in the last years, very different department. obviously we have a different chief from los angeles and in terms of the make-up of the department, it's getting younger. we have a lot of retirements and a lot of new people, and we notice, because we do it every week. but we have recruitment class we're trying to get numbers and looking at -- the board of supervisors are looking at the numbers that we have. but specifically, we have had, again, just to say three major ways that the department runs, three significant general orders and most is the use of force and use of force governs the entire city and not just a
6:43 pm
district. some very significant general orders. we passed a body camera general order and at some point, all of the officers will have body cameras on. and a lot of these are aligned with national recommendations by best policing. then we passed the cit general order which actually significantly impacts -- when you hear these incidents that are resolved without loss of life, a lot of this is due to the training that we put in place for our officers around crisis intervention and most recently, we are putting an mou together with the department of public health. it's a very different department in the last year-and-a-half and keep your eye on that and sort -- i can talk to special individually, but i just wanted to share that the department is moving important and under doj with the
6:44 pm
recommendations, 272 that we're working on. so i want everyone to understand that the department is undergoing a significant change that is all for the better and so keep an eye on us. >> commissioner hing? >> first of all, i want to compliment captain fong on the platitudes he has received tonight. i am particularly happy, although this sounds too self-interested, that you are here and you have done such a good job, because my son and daughter-in-law and 14-month-old granddaughter live in your district. so i'm happy they are in good hands. seriously, given the warriors stadium on the horizon, and the high-rises that are coming up all the
6:45 pm
time, with the corresponding population growth, what do you -- what are you looking for in terms of needs and other resources, or other strategies that you are going to need in the next few years to come? i'm wondering if you have any response to that? >> thank you, commissioner. i think moving forward, you know, we're going to continue our statistical analysis of priorities within the district and we understand there are challenges within the district, in various neighborhoods. we'll be relying on some of that analyses to make sure that we're efficient internals in terms of our operations and addressing concerns in the various neighborhoods, but that is where the partnerships, i believe, are so critical. partnerships with the
6:46 pm
community, to ensure that we are in communication uncoordinating our efforts to ensure that we're meeting the expectation of the community. so i think moving forward that is something that we'll continue to prioritize, and we will adjust, because we know with the new arena coming, there will be additional challenges. especially related to traffic and other issues and we look forward to working in partnership with them in addressing the community's concerns as well. >> thank you. >> commissioner melara. >> yes, i just wanted to follow-up on the comment related to the relationships to the immigrant communities. i was in sacramento this week, and monday -- what day is it today? wednesday -- i forgot -- [laughter ] >> monday i had the opportunity to see that there was a bill sb
6:47 pm
54 that passed the appropriations committee on monday. and it specifically related to the fact that would mandate no local resources be used to help immigration services in the state of california. so that in addition, to the fact that we are a sanctuary city, that is being worked on at the state-level. so just wanted to share that with you. >> commissioners? i have one quick question for the captain. you made mention of an issue that overwhelming major of your officer have less than five years' of experience and for us this doing for a while, whether attorneys or prosecutors or law professors that officers aren't fully ready to be on the street like any
6:48 pm
profession until they have been five years on the job is what we have been told. are you finding there is any issue having so many young officers? is there a need to have more older officers on the streets? there is even some mention of bringing back some of the officers who are retired to work part-time, who are really good officers? do you think that is something we should do? are we on top of this issue of having some very young officers? >> i think we're very fortunate in having these young officers. it's energized the workforce in a lot of ways. we have a very diverse mix as i mentioned during my presentation on our workforce of experience and more seasoned officers. i think it's critical that we have mentoring with the more experienced officers with the younger officers coming into the department that are on the job. there are more challenges that the officers are seeing, obviously greater expectations both
6:49 pm
from the community as within the department as well. i think the officers are up for those challenges, as well. i think it's important that we support them through that process. so i think it's imperative or it's critical that as the officers learn the job, that they do have the support not only within the department, but from the other more experienced officers within the station as well. so i feel very fortunate, least at southern station with the 23 ftos that i mentioned and 10 fto sergeants as well, it provides a great opportunity for the more experienced officers to share their insight, and experiences with the younger officers. >> chief? >> thank you. i'll just add to what captain fong said, supervision plays a key role, particularly when you have a young patrol force. so we know we have some shortages right now in our sergeants ranks and we have a test that just happened and
6:50 pm
hopefully by mid-summer or so, we'll be adopting a new promotional list to shore up our supervision. but that is key. supervision and leadership. the nice thing about having a young patrol force, you have really good energy. you have eager officers wanting to learn the job and that is a good thing. but when you couple that with good supervision and mentorship, i think we'll be fine. thank you. >> i also want to thank the chief. there was -- chief, there is usually a newsletter from the chief and instead of a newsletter this week, the chief did a video that each and every officer has to watch as part of their job to sign in and click in. it was an extremely thorough video explaining about events that have happened, expectations for the officers, thanking the officers for everything from providing gifts to homeless women on valentine's day, to officers who won medals of valor for heroic actions. just a great video and in my
6:51 pm
opinion, for the officers, the younger officers at the station to watch this and hear what the chief had to say and serve the public and their own well-being and taking care of themselves. but reminding them that they do serve the public. i thought it was a great video and thank you for that. >> thank you, vice president. >> commissioner dejesus. >> thank you for hosting us it's. it's a beautiful venue and the food was nice, too. i remember south of market had issues years ago with entertainment and clubs and have you had anything with entertainment with clubs in your neighborhood? >> we have had a couple incidents, independent incidents. but the one thing, again, that has been fantastic is just the relationships that we have both with the entertainment commission, as well as with the entertainment
6:52 pm
clubs within our district. any time there has been an issue that has been brought forward by the community, you know, we have held meetings with the nightclub locations to discuss what the concerns are? and to relook at potential resolutions to those issues? how we're looking at security plans? we're looking at surrounding areas to see what we can do in partnership together to address those. so it's, again, it's an ongoing process. but again, i feel very fortunate that we do have those relationships so when there is an issue that arises, we can go to those areas and have a productive discussion. >> thank you. well, commissioners, thank you very much. so at this point, i think of we have concluded our program and there will be a motion for adjournment, but i want to thank you all for coming here today. we mentioned about the training of our young officers and the next-generation.
6:53 pm
so i throw it back to you, audience and the citizens who they serve and please don't be afraid to talk our officers and have a conversation with them and tell them what you are thinking. assess them, they are young and new and you will be shocked not just how diverse our officers are, but the different backgrounds. as a lawyer i can tell you that we had class presidents recently graduating from stanford law school and last academy class graduating from berkeley, who won three awards during the graduation, which is unheard of. so we have some very really competent people that care about the community. you need to engage them, too. so that is part of the community policing. so i appreciate if you would do that and thank you for coming tonight. captain fong, excellent job. thank you for having us here. >> thank you, supervisor. >> thank you again to the contemporary jewish museum.
6:54 pm
>> [ applause ] . >> item 4, ajohnson & johnson. >> i move that we adjourn. >> second. >> all there favor? >> aye. >> thank you very much everybody. hi left right halt
6:55 pm
i had a burning doorway to do the right thing and join the department such this we my brother applied and fortunately we'll here and this means a lot i'm home everyone night to study and we workout together and it is a blessing i have a brother to go home and fed off of one another we're the twins but pretty much we're not treated and individuals sometimes treated as a item if he did something wrong they use the word instead of you the it heroism we're going our our separate ways and good morning our own individuals middle of steadfastly a twin all the it but inside of the district i've
6:56 pm
seen negative and positive things and with that made me want to be a police officer i want to give back and do public serve always a class president i dealt with everyone and served my class not only be humble enough to serve my class and pierce being a squad leader is a responsibility of maintaining my squad and being that voraciously person i need to step up to the challenge i believe during the 8 months i fulfilled any dude and after graduation just be a good officer to learn the skill and profession and give to the community to give the best to them and be a helpful hand that's the main thing and the new people coming into the did not know why you're doing it join the department for the
6:57 pm
right reason and do it to help the community and it is sharing you're time when you get into the department do is commented to the craft and enjoy it along the way enjoy it along the way i encourage you to talk about over with our families and talk 2 over with yourselves ultimately you'll do the job and find a senseably reason for doing it after the hard work everyday for 8 months straight and finally it pays off and you know as honey honor and privilege not anyone can do this job i look forward to getting often the street and learning and hit the ground running it will be a surreal moment day one i thought months here but sat down me and my
6:58 pm
brother talked about it and we're on the right track and stay focused and walking tloo across the stage is a huge honor
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
>> hello. the meeting will come to order. welcome to the wednesday march 22 regular meeting of the public safety and neighborhood services committee at a special